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MK Redevelopments

From Moisture to Masterpiece: Crafting healthy, beautiful properties
using the latest technology and building techniques.


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Finished Projects

Revive, Renew, Redesign

MK Redevelopments is your final solution. Patching up damp, repainting, replastering and redecorating are signs of a deeper problem. MK will dig deeper and do the redevelopment work necessary to fix the underlying cause of damp, rot or mould resulting in a permanent, healthy and beautiful solution.

Our Customers

We had been constantly repainting and replastering our 5 rental properties and in the end decided enough was enough. MK proposed a thorough solution – fixing some ventilation issues and fitting a high-spec membrane and damp proof course before replastering and decorating. Ever since – no issues, no callouts and happy tenants.

Mark Austin


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Selena Toms

Product Designer

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